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About Us

Our Mission

We believe local businesses are the backbone of America and we take pride in funding companies that have good ethics around providing affordable and helpful solutions to business owners.

Who We Are

Voyages provides capital to early stage companies that focus on helping small businesses with new technology and services. 

How We Can Help

Voyages has over 20 years of door to door sales experience in selling to small businesses and understands what it takes to cold call, market, and retain 'mom and pop shops'.  We use our first hand experiences to support and guide young companies through their early stages of growth.

Why We're Different

Voyages is not your average VC that 'funds and runs' - we don't believe in giving you money and saying "Do Better" without any insight or advice. Not only do we provide necessary capital, we also act as an accelerator to get your company where you want it to go. Our team is in the trenches with you 24/7, we believe in helping your team with first hand sales and marketing services. We provide our own field sales reps and sales channels to test selling your products so we together can learn what's working and what's not.

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